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Greens defend the cost of their regional healthcare package

"This is an absolutely critical issue because your health shouldn't depend on your postcode."

"I think the bigger question is what does it cost to not do this. We know that if people can't afford to see a GP they'll end up in the hospital emergency departments when they're sicker and they need hospital admission. It's actually more cost effective to fund that primary care up front and get people the care they need early. If you budget that out over the long term it's going to save the health system money."

Dr Amanda Cohn, Greens candidate for the NSW Upper House.


"In the first instance getting [a primary health care centre] into the southern part of the South Coast seat is absolutely essential, because what we have in the south is a very small hospital that's not fit for purpose. There's not even an MRI available to residents in the Milton-Ulladulla area."

Amanda Findley, Shoalhaven Mayor and Greens candidate for the seat of South Coast.


Story by Glenn Ellard at the South Coast Register, 10 February 2023.