Our successes

One of the jobs of your Greens councillors is to make proposals to council. These are some of the proposals from one of your Greens councillors, Mithra Cox and Cath Blakey, that have been agreed to by council.


Fly the Rainbow Flag
The postal survey votes were in, but had not been counted. Councillor Mithra Cox proposed  that the Council should fly the rainbow flag until the results were out. Council agreed (8 to 4), and the flag flew.


Find out what Wollongong Coal are doing on council land at Russell Vale
Council should be briefed on the land use agreement between Wollongong Coal and Wollongong Council at Russell Vale. Are environmental controls in place? Could the Council have liabilities for site remediation if Wollongong Coal went bankrupt? Council agreed that we need to know.

Find out what can be done to address the housing affordability crisis in Wollongong
It's urgent to find out what council to do to enable people to afford homes. Councillor Mithra Cox proposed that we look into it. Every member of council agreed that we should.

Strengthening compliance for runoff in Lake Illawarra catchment
The risk of excessive sediment being released from construction sites was raised from medium to high, which means there will be more inspection.

Delivering more money for the Green Strategy
We made sure that the amount of money to be spent on the Urban Greening Strategy from $45,000 to $500,000. This budget will be ratified on 25 June.