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A 2030 emissions target for Wollongong

We are still celebrating having three levels of government who are all committed to climate action - and are so proud of our federal Greens MPs who used their position in the balance of power to negotiate the Government’s now legislated emissions reductions target of a 43% cut by 2030. This is still the lowest target in the OECD - but it's a very important start.

It also means that Council should update our targets to match the federal legislation.

Three years ago, surrounded by smoke from unprecedented bushfires, Wollongong Council voted unanimously to send a powerful message about where the city stands on urgent climate action. On behalf of the community, councillors declared a Climate Emergency and established a goal of net zero greenhouse emissions by 2050. 

The Greens have a motion coming to Council on October 17 to update Council’s net zero by 2050 target to include an interim target of 43% by 2030.

We all know that delay is as dangerous as denial, and the speed at which we cut emissions will determine how much harm we suffer. Wollongong’s less stringent target is now being used in the Illawarra as an excuse to delay local emission reductions. It’s time for Wollongong to do our part by setting a 2030 greenhouse pollution reduction goal.

Please sign our petition to show Wollongong Council that the Community is steadfastly behind fast and ambitious action on climate change.

Cath and Mithra
Wollongong City Greens Councillors