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Greens candidates Federal Election 2022


Vote 1 for Dylan Green in Cunningham.  Vote 1 for Jamie Dixon in Whitlam. You know you want to.

Our candidates will fight to replace coal and gas with 100 per cent renewables, create affordable housing for all, have dental and mental health care covered under Medicare, create secure and well-paid jobs. We can do all this for a brighter, green future for all Australians.

And Vote Greens in the Senate, let's get another Greens candidate, David Shoebridge, in the Senate. Together the Greens will offer tangible, solutions to affordable housing, real action on climate change and making billionaires and big corporations pay their fair share of tax.

How You Can Help

If you want to help the 2022 election campaign, email us.

If you want a better, more respectful democracy and a brighter, sustainable and resilient future, why not help out. We don't accept corporate donations and rely on people like you who donate to our campaign. If you'd like to volunteer, you are always welcome to join us.