Illawarra Greens

Our vision

The Greens have a positive vision for the Illawarra: for a sustainable and fair society where we use the challenge of climate change to provide good jobs to people in our community.

Greens parties all over the world are guided by our four pillars. Our policies and practices are tested against these four basic principles. The four pillars are:

  • Environmental sustainability;
  • Social and economic justice;
  • Peace and non-violence;
  • Grassroots democracy.

The Illawarra Greens is local group, based in Wollongong. We meet monthly at Fairy Meadow Community Centre. Read about how we run our organisation.

We cover the Federal electorate of Cunningham and part of the Federal electorate of Whitlam.

At State Level, the Illawarra Greens cover the electorates of Wollongong, Keira, Shellharbour, and part of Heathcote.

There are two Greens councillors on Wollongong City Council: Mithra Cox, and Cath Blakey, who were both elected in 2017. See what they have achieved so far.

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