Our candidates


There are two elections coming up in our area:

  • NSW State Election: Legislative Assembly and half Legislative Council (Saturday 23 March 2019)
  • Federal Election 2019: House of Representatives and half Senate (not later than Saturday 18 May 2019)

We have a great set of local Greens candidates for the Council, the Legislative Assembly and the House of Representatives. You can also find out about our superb and experienced set of Greens candidates for the Legislative Council and the Senate.

Here are our local Greens candidates. Federal Greens Senator for NSW, Mehreen Faruqi, joined them for the campaign launch in Wollongong on 8 November 2018.


Candidate in: Federal Electorate of Whitlam; State Electorate of Shellharbour

For 15 years Jamie Dixon has worked as an alpaca shearer, doing contracts across 4 states of Australia, and 8 other countries. He now lives in Koonawarra. He wants to see better housing, improved mental health care, and reform of the gambling industry.
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Candidate in: Federal Electorate of Cunningham

Rowan Huxtable is an engineer, living in Mangerton. Rowan wants to see strong action on climate change. Australia needs a sensible energy policy, which will benefit both people and the environment.
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Candidate in: State Electorate of Heathcote

Mitchell Shakespeare is a lifelong Shire resident, currently commuting to Sydney to study for a degree in economics. He already has a commerce degree from the University of Wollongong. He’s especially keen to put a stop to corporate influence on parliament.
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Candidate in: State Electorate of Keira

Kaye Osborn is a Corrimal resident, who works at the University of Wollongong. She is passionate about climate action and protecting the environment. Kaye gets things done at a community level and is well-known locally as a leading campaigner for more responsible mining.
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Candidate in: State Electorate of Wollongong

Benjamin Arcioni is a University of Wollongong tutor and PhD student from Lake Heights. He is passionate about education and technology, and wants to see Wollongong lead the country in pumped hydro, wind and solar power.
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The Greens lead candidate in the Federal Senate is the current senator for NSW, Mehreen Faruqi. Make sure she gets re-elected!


The Greens lead candidates in the NSW Legislative Council are David Shoebridge and  Abigail Boyd. Make sure we get them elected! Watch Abigail's video.

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