More than 15 environment groups join together to protect escarpment

Read the article by Glen Humphries in The Illawarra Mercury, 18 June 2019

Watch the report on WIN News

Watch the report on 9News (Greens Councillor Cath Blakey is interviewed)

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Call to halt dune reshaping at Port Kembla after wind redeposits sand

Greens Wollongong councillor Cath Blakey is calling for a halt to sand dune reshaping work at Port Kembla until the council's strategy can be evaluated.  Council spent over $100,000 to clear sand which has now come back.



Read the article by Ashleigh Tullis in The Illawarra Mercury, 7 June 2019.


Climate change protest causes major traffic disruptions in Wollongong CBD

Climate change activists from the Youth Environment Alliance blocked a crown street junction on Saturday 25 May, asking for action on climate change. Several high school students, Greens councillor Cath Blakey and Lord Mayor Gordon Bradbery spoke at the rally.


Read the article by Ashleigh Tullis in The Illawarra Mercury, 27 May 2019


Plan to stop neighbourly disputes about nature strip gardens in Wollongong

The nature strip in front of your home is often seen as an annoyance that has to be regularly mowed. But one Wollongong councillor wants to see those patches of lawn transformed into beautiful gardens across the city.

Read the article by Ashleigh Tullis in The Illawarra Mercury, 23 May 2019

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Electric cars: plug in before we're left behind, Greens say

The party's policy is to end the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030, while subsidising electric cars and spending $150 million on fast charging infrastructure.

Read the report in The Illawarra Mercury, 9 May 2019

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Greens have a plan for electric vehicles

Watch the report from WIN News, 9 May 2019.


Illawarra Greens have a plan for recycling

The Greens have lifted the lid on plans to build a recycling plant in the Illawarra to handle waste from across New South Wales, if they're successful at next week's Federal Election.

It's a project tipped to create jobs, while also dealing with the country's growing recyclable waste.

Watch the news report from WIN News, 12 May 2019

And the report from 9 News Illawarrra, 13 May 2010


Greens support the steel industry


The New South Wales Greens have reaffirmed their support for the region's steel industry, despite promising to phase out coal mining within the next 10 years.

The policy has drawn criticism with concerns it would lead to job losses in the region if implemented.

The party's candidate for Keira, Kaye Osborn said the policy does not apply to metallurgical coal used to make steel.

But she said the mining of coal from beneath water catchments should also be phased out.


Listen to the report from 97.3 ABC Illawarra, 20 March 2019.


Illawarra Greens Royal Commission into Planning, including Calderwood, Tullimbar, Tallawarra, and West Dapto

Read the article by Brendan Crabb, in The Illawarra Mercury, 18 March 2019

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Greens call for Royal Commission into planning

CALDERWOODThe Greens are calling for a Royal Commission into Planning to alleviate ongoing headaches for homebuyers at Calderwood.

The conditions would allow greater community consultation, and give planning powers back to local councils.

Watch the 9News Report, 18 March 2019