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Greens announce their Wollongong council election candidates

"It might be a challenge but I've never shied away from a challenge," Ms Whittaker said at the Greens' candidate launch.

"I think we've seen in Shellharbour we've had a first-time Mayor who's never been a councillor and it's been very successful.

"I'm someone who likes to have a go. I have really strong community values and I think as long as I represent what people are asking and stay connected to the community then I can get the job done."

Ms Whittaker praised the "integrity" of Cr Bradbery but felt "we're ready for some new ideas and a fresh approach to council".

"I think the last council operated really well because there was no one block who was in control," she said.

"Decisions had been made collaboratively and I think that's the best way to work. I'm a great collaborator and I hope the next council has a good balance rather than a big block of one party."


"It took me a lot of time to consider because I feel it's very onerous to get involved in something as a volunteer in this kind of way," Ms Stuart said.

"I suppose what buoyed me, I talked to Cath and Mithra and I talked to other people in the Greens. They told me there would be a team that would help me look through documents and help think through things. No-one can be an expert on everything."


"One of the things I loved the most, even though obviously didn't end up in parliament, was hearing people's stories," Mr Docker said.

"Hearing the challenges they've been facing and being able to take it to some sort of platform, like the media, and help elevate and promote their voices.

"There are a lot of people in the community, vulnerable people, who are simply not heard. I hope whether I make it on council or not that I can promote and elevate the concerns of those most vulnerable in our community."


Story by Glen Humphries in the Illawarra Mercury, 15 February 2024.