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The Greens see more potential in Port Kembla than offered by LNG

The approval given to the proposed JERA LNG import terminal at Port Kembla is a massive step backward for both the economy, as well as the environment of the Illawarra. It is yet another propping up of the fossil fuel industry by an over-lobbied, and under scrutinised State government.

Jamie Dixon, the Greens candidate for Whitlam  says 'The fact that the proposal was moved ahead as a State Significant Infrastructure project, which allows it to completely by-pass what’s left of the Office of Environment and Heritage is surely a sign that it will not be in the community of the Illawarra’s best interests.'

"The company sourcing the LNG has stated that it will be purchased solely based on market prices, and this has no way of excluding LNG sourced by fracking of Coal Seam Gas, or any other means of
environmentally destructive mining."

"New South Wales already produces more than enough LNG to supply our local needs, however the government has not ensured that any quota is kept for domestic use, and instead allows 100% export, leaving us with a shortfall, and needing to build further infrastructure to meet our own

Mr Dixon goes on to present an alternative  - "Instead of looking backwards to fossil fuels, we in the City of Innovation, should be actively looking to be at the forefront of the expanding $200+ billion/year hydrogen energy production market. Unlike LNG, hydrogen fuel production and consumption does not affect CO2 emissions, and will provide us with both the back up renewable energy needs to compliment wind, solar, and pumped hydro, as well as earning valuable export dollars, and employing just as many locals in Green Jobs for the Illawarra, as LNG."

"Port Kembla and surrounds have the available industrial space, access to fresh water, and desire to engage in energy production which helps to supply our total needs, as well as halting the potential for climate change."

"This is just one more example of our State government bowing to pressure by cashed up lobbyists, with short term economic goals, and no care for our environment, or the long term security of our energy and employment sectors."

For further information and comment,  contact:
Jamie Dixon
Greens candidate for Whitlam
0403 402 114