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Parents shouldn't pay for public school, says Greens Keira candidate Kit Docker

"When I was at public school, my mum couldn't afford the school fees. When it came to excursions, I felt stress rather than excitement because I knew the pressure that this would place on mum to find a way for me to attend with the rest of my classmates."

"Public schools should be free. That means no school fees, no 'voluntary' contributions, just proper government funding."

"Not every kid has the capacity to get money from their parents to go the canteen. That has a real impact on their learning. If a kid goes to school hungry they're simply not going to reach their full potential during the day."

"It seems, when it comes to public education, that the major parties look at it as an expense. Spending on public education is an investment. It's an investment in communities, it's an investment in the future of the economy."

"Federally we've just obtained the balance of power and now Labor on important policies have to negotiate with the Greens, and we've been making policy better. We're on the verge of obtaining the balance of power in NSW. I believe it's going to be a close election, I don't think either side is going to win an absolute majority."

Kit Docker, Greens candidate for Keira.

Read more in the Illawarra Mercury, 3 February 2023.