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Loss of Free Gong Shuttle a Stab in the Back for the Community

All the councillors in Wollongong are united in their opposition to the State Government's decision to ace the Free Green bus in Wollongong.

Read here the response from Greens State MP, Mehreen Faruqi.

Media Release

1 November 2017

Loss of Free Gong Shuttle a Stab in the Back for the Community

Greens MP and Transport spokesperson, Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC, has called the decision to do away with the free Wollongong shuttle bus next year a stab in the back for the community. Greens Wollongong Ward 2 Councillor, Cath Blakey, has said that congestion, particularly around the University, will only increase as a result of this short sighted decision.

Dr. Faruqi said:

“What a short sighted and greedy government to take away the free shuttle bus that connects Wollongong. The Greens have consistently called for this service to be urgently expanded to Wollongong’s Southern suburbs, but instead we are going to see it gone forever.

“This is a popular service that connects vital parts of the city. Where the community sees a public transport success, the NSW Government just sees dollar signs and another way to slug the public for money.

“This is a stab in the back for the community. Free public transport delivers huge societal and environmental benefits for Wollongong, but this doesn’t fit into the NSW Government’s neoliberal agenda” she concluded.

Greens Wollongong Ward 2 Councillor, Cath Blakey said:

“With the congested parking situation around the university, it is crazy and short sighted that the State Government is adding a charge to the green bus.

“The State Government is flush with money with the lease of our ports and power lines, so it’s disgusting that they are cutting essential and popular public service like the free bus.

The Greens will stand with the community and fight for public transport as part of having a vibrant and more liveable Wollongong” she concluded.