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Kit Docker launches campaign for Wollongong

Launching his campaign for Keira in the March NSW election local resident Kit Docker called for action to alleviate homelessness, make housing more affordable and deliver real and practical transport options for all Keira citizens.

Candidate for Wollongong in the coming March State election Kit Docker called for action to alleviate homelessness, housing affordability and real and practical transport options for all Keira citizens.

NSW member of the legislative Council Abigail Boyd launched the Greens campaign with Kit at Bellambi.

Kit said that it’s now time for everyone to have access to safe and secure housing, and he called for a boost in services to ensure the most disadvantaged people have a roof over their heads.

“Kit and Jamie are great local candidates who can reflect the values of the people of the Illawarra, and advocate for the local community on issues that matter to them,” Ms Boyd said.

“Both of these Greens candidates know firsthand the effects of government neglect on the Illawarra region and will be a powerful voice for social and economic justice for the voters of Keira.

“Priced out of housing, and suffering from decades of neglect when it comes to public transport options, the voters of the Illawarra deserve local representatives who will be brave and bold in fighting for a fair deal from whichever party forms government after March.

“I’m excited by the prospect of Kit and Jamie joining me and my Greens colleagues in NSW Parliament. With Greens like Kit and Jamie in the balance of power, we will hold the major parties to account while working towards a fairer and greener New South Wales.”

Background on Kit Docker

Kit grew up in Kiama and studied International Economics at University of Wollongong. He then worked in banking, becoming a local branch manager, before leaving banking to become a disability support worker.

“I decided to leave banking in pursuit of a life where I make a real difference in people’s lives,” said Kit.

If elected in March, Kit will work with local and state-wide organisations towards a housing system where everyone has access to safe and secure housing.

“Growing up in the Illawarra as renters wasn’t always easy. As a child, I learnt early on that as renters we would never have certainty about where we lived. And because my mum didn’t own a home, our right to shelter was always in the hands of others. This meant that my childhood was often filled with stress, anxiety and feelings of hopelessness. Recent discussions with local housing providers paints an even bleaker picture of the state of housing in the Illawarra,” Kit said.

“Our community cannot afford for the major parties to ignore this crisis any longer. We need bold leadership to drive real and substantial change in our housing system. Renters deserve a government that will always put their right to housing above the profits of developers and big investors. With the balance of power in our state's parliament, the Greens will ensure that future governments invest in our broken housing system by investing in more public and social housing, freezing rents and banning no-grounds evictions”.

Background on member of the Legislative Council Abigail Boyd:

Abigail is a Greens MP in the NSW Parliament. She lives in Terrigal on the Central Coast. Growing up in Berowra, Abigail is the proud product of public education. She holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Macquarie University, and in Law from the University of New South Wales. She has completed numerous post graduate courses in economics, banking and finance.

Prior to her election as a Greens MP in 2019, Abigail spent over two decades practising law, first in Sydney and London, and then remotely from the Central Coast specialising in global banking regulation for clients in over 40 different countries. During 2008 she worked on the frontline of the global financial crisis in London to manage the economic fallout of the crash caused by reckless corporations and their runaway obsession with profit.

Since being elected to the NSW Legislative Council at the 2019 state election Abigail has continued to work passionately to campaign for an economy that puts people before profit. She is also now widely recognised for her leadership in her many portfolios, particularly Domestic and Family Violence, Disability, Animal Welfare and Transport.