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Illawarra Greens candidates make a push for free public transport

"Our local community fought to save the free Gong Shuttle. We know free and frequent services have high patronage. Free public transport helps to reduce car journeys and make cities run more smoothly."

"The other benefit of ditching tickets is that it ensures equitable access, keeps buses running on time, and the costs are offset by savings on ticketing systems and fare enforcement."

Cr Cath Blakey, Greens candidate for Wollongong.


"Free public transport will save us money by scrapping our expensive ticketing system, reducing spending on roads and cutting costs associated with fare evasion like court costs."

"If elected, I will work with the new government and our Greens MPs to ensure we put public transport back in public hands and make our buses and trains free, frequent, and accessible so everyone can use them."

Kit Docker, Greens candidate for Keira.


Story by Glen Humphries at the Illawarra Mercury, 27 February 2023.