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Greens respond to IPCC report

In Paris 2015, the world decided to limit global average temperatures to no more than 1.5-degrees above pre-industrial levels. Last night’s IPCC report makes it clear that we are on track for 3 degrees of warming – enough to ensure that large parts of the world are too hot to work in, severe crop failure becomes a common occurrence, and many coastal populations will be sunk by rising seas.

Greens candidate for Cunningham Dylan Green says the Australian government ought to take urgent and large-scale actions to combat rising global temperatures.

“There’s a lot of talk on climate change, but very little action”, Mr Green said.

“Labor and Liberals are both still approving projects that expand our coal and gas industries. Not only approving, but also subsidising them with public money.

“The lack of courage and integrity in Australian politics has led to our country repeatedly being singled out as one of the most negligent on climate. But it doesn’t have to be this way.”

This IPCC report comes less than two weeks after 17 former defence leaders signed a public letter stating that climate change is the single biggest threat to Australia’s future and security.

“Transitioning our society away from fossil fuels is about protecting people from floods, fires, droughts and famine” said Mr. Green.

“The pandemic showed us that governments can create enormous change when faced with enormous threat. The first thing we need to do is to stop expanding our fossil fuel industries – something that the Greens have long advocated for.

“The long-term future of Port Kembla’s steelworks is green steel, and the sooner we make this shift, the less carbon emissions we emit.

“Port Kembla could also be a hub for exporting hydrogen and other locally manufactured goods. But this won’t happen overnight, and it won’t happen without vision from government.

“The climate crisis is a defining feature of our time. How we react today will be judged by generations to come.”