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Greens Councillor slams Council decision to ban kids playing basketball in the street


6 April 2021

Greens Councillor Mithra Cox has slammed a decision by Wollongong Council to ban kids playing basketball in the street, after Thirroul residents received warnings to remove their communal basketball hoops or receive an on the spot fine of $330.

“Kids should be able to play on their street, instead of being stuck indoors on screens,” Cr Cox said. Banning kids playing is a joke.

“I want to live in a city were streets are safe and welcoming for children, and people of all ages.

“Just because one resident may have complained about the sound of kids playing is no reason for the fun police to start threatening fines. 

“Our suburban back streets should not be thoroughfares for speeding cars - they are places where people live, and Council should be doing everything possible to make them friendly places for kids to play, ride bikes and walk.

“As a parent you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. We all want kids to be outside playing but when you do someone whinges and then they are forced back indoors.

“I have raised this matter within Council and will be seeking a reversal so that kids can continue to play on their street.

More information: Mithra Cox 0419 720 322