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Greens call for fairer taxes and better services

Greens candidate for Cunningham Dylan Green called for fairer tax for workers as official estimates predict the stage 3 tax cuts will cost the nation $202.6 billion over the next eight years.

The most recent forecasts by the Parliamentary Budget Office expect the stage 3 tax cuts will cost the budget $202.6 billion (up from $184.2 billion).

“We need a more progressive tax for all Australians so we can build an inclusive and prosperous nation,” Dylan said. “Tax cuts for the wealthy mean less domestic violence services, less nurses, and less child care.

“We need health services like never before, our teachers are stretched and affordable housing is more out of reach for the average person than ever before. This old, stale government should not be doubling down on providing tax cuts for the wealthy, but instead should be building a progressive tax system.

“If we reverse these tax cuts for the wealthy, we could use that money to build a million affordable homes, give Australians free dental and mental healthcare, properly fund public schools, and still have cash left over.

“This is also an issue of equality for women. For every dollar this tax cut gives to women, it gives two dollars to men. Did you know that Australia has dropped to 50th place on the Global Gender Gap rankings.

“The Greens will require a Women’s Budget Impact Statement alongside each federal budget. This statement will look at the impacts that the budget has on women.

“The past governments have underfunded domestic violence services and removed funding for basic frontline services that help women. These governments have also forced many women to pay back their HECS debt earlier, forcing them into financial difficulty.

“If we want gender equality, we need a fairer tax system and budgets which take into account how women will cope and live. We need to build these changes into our decision making.”