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Greens call for better train services at Corrimal

Greens Candidate for Wollongong City Council Bronwyn Batten has called for better train services for Corrimal before the Coke Works development proceeds


Greens Candidate and Illawarra Rail Fail founder Bronwyn Batten said the proposed Corrimal Coke Works development will lead to further traffic woes for the Northern Illawarra.


“Even with the proposed reduction of dwellings from 750 down to 550 the size of the development cannot be justified merely because it is adjacent to Corrimal Railway Station,” Dr Batten said. “The proposal simply does not recognise the reality that Wollongong is a car-dependent community.”


Corrimal Station does not receive express services and there is currently only one train each hour stopping at Corrimal, forcing many residents to drive to Thirroul to catch an express train. “With regular turn up and go services for both local and intercity trains we could actually take cars off the road. Without them, any development at the Coke Works site will see a significant increase in the Northern Illawarra’s traffic woes,” Dr Batten said.


“The Northern Illawarra is currently seeing the ramifications of development without adequate transport services to support it. Traffic throughout the Northern Illawarra is often at a stand-still, especially on weekends. We cannot continue to permit large-scale residential developments without a strategy to reduce car dependence and get cars off the road.”


The traffic assessment for the proposed development was undertaken on a single Thursday in October 2018. This is not enough, and the sample is too small and it’s now out of date. There has already been considerable development in Corrimal since that time. Anyone driving along Railway Street knows that traffic has increased substantially due to the cumulative increase in dwellings being approved. “I believe the idea that the developer or Council can upgrade the intersection of Memorial Drive/Railway Street is flawed.


“The developer’s active transport options, which are also crucial to getting cars off the road, for the site are also inadequate. The proposed shared path must be connected to key destinations like Corrimal shops, Corrimal pool and the library, and the coastal bike path to make a real difference. We need to see greater community benefit from such a major development and assurances that it will make our community a better place, not leave us with transport problems to solve in the future. 

“It is time for the community and Council to push back and demand the public transport services we need to reduce car dependency before major developments are approved.”

Dr Batten encourages everyone in the community to voice any concerns they have about the proposal online via


Bronwyn Batten

Dr Bronwyn Batten is a Greens candidate in Ward One for the upcoming Wollongong local government elections. Bronwyn is the founder of Illawarra Rail Fail which campaigns for better train services for the Illawarra. Bronwyn has lived with her family in Thirroul since 2017.

For further information contact Dr Bronwyn Batten on 0403176716 or [email protected]

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