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Greens announce plan to transition to electric vehicles


Greens announce plan to transition to electric vehicles


We will have a fully electric vehicle towing The Greens campaign caravan to demonstrate that electric cars have the power and convenience of petrol and diesel cars.

Who:  Greens candidates Rowan Huxtable and Jamie Dixon with electric car enthusiast Tom Hunt


Where:  Flagstaff Hill


When: 10am, Thursday 9th May


More info: Mithra Cox 0425 351 844




Greens announce plan to transition to electric vehicles


Australians will be left driving expensive and obsolete petrol or diesel vehicles after the rest of the world has transitioned to electric, unless Governments at all levels immediately begin installing the infrastructure to support electric vehicles, Rowan Huxtable, Greens candidate for Cunningham, said today.


Mr Huxtable said:


“Electric vehicles are better for our health, cheaper to refuel and maintain, and emit no pollution when powered by renewable energy.


“The Liberal Party scare campaign on electric cars has been a disgrace. Electric cars can travel long distances, be used by tradies, and for long weekends - as long as we have the infrastructre to support them.


“The Greens will fast-track the roll-out of fast-charging electric vehicle infrastructure and legislate tougher vehicle pollution standards to drive down transport pollution.


“The NRMA is advocating for a ban on petrol and diesel cars by 2030. They are investing $10m in fast charging stations on major highways. However, the federal government is doing very little except trying to run a scare campaign on electric vehicles."


Jamie Dixon, Greens candidate for Whitlam, said:


“With many countries phasing out petrol and diesel vehicles, Australia will be left behind if we don’t act now.


“The Netherlands (by 2025), Norway (2025), France (2040), the UK (2040), India (2030), Germany (2030), and China (2040) have all announced they will ban internal combustion engine cars in coming years.


“Major car manufacturers like Ford, Land Rover, General Motors, Volkswagen, BMW and Volvo are all shifting their investment strategies to develop their electric models and phase out their internal combustion cars. The writing is on the wall, and we need to get with the times."


The Greens Policy Platform on Electric Vehicles can be downloaded here:


More information: Mithra Cox 0425 351 844