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Council's bike plan needs more action and fewer reports

Council have  started work on a new cycling strategy, but have not yet implemented any of the key actions from the previous (2014-2017) strategy, say Greens  Councillors.

"We all know that cycling in Wollongong is scary because we have hardly any safe cycleways," Greens Councillor for Ward 1 Mithra Cox said today.
"We have one nice shared path along the coast, but it doesn't get you to the centre of town, the university or any of the train stations or anywhere else useful.
"The previous bike plan clearly identified a need for east/west crossings, so that you can safely get to and from the coastal shared path to shops, train stations and importantly to the university.
"Why on earth are we spending thousands of dollars asking people what's wrong with cycling in Wollongong again? We already know what's wrong but have failed to build the infrastructure," Cr Cox said.
Greens Ward 2 Councillor Cath Blakey said: "We don't have a single separated bike path in our entire CBD. We cannot seriously claim to be a city for people unless we build the infrastructure to allow people to safely ride their bikes into town."
"Cycling rates have actually declined since the last Bike Strategy was developed.  And the reason is --  we didn't fund the strategy.
"A bike friendly city needs to be safe enough for kids and older people to ride safely and confidently.  This means designing our roads so that pedestrians, bikes and cars all have their own  section of the road to use.
"It's not rocket science.  We just need to build it," Cr Blakey said.