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Climate groups recommend Greens candidates

Five independent groups have backed the Greens policies for real action on climate change that would help keep global warming to about 1.5 degrees in accord with the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Greens candidate for Cunningham Dylan Green welcomed the independent assessments.

Climate Analytics, Vote One Climate, the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, The Illawarra Climate Coalition and Beyond Coal Coast all endorsed the Greens policy to bring direct action for climate change.

“We need strong and robust policies on climate action, while at the same time ensuring that our economy can cope with the transformation to a net zero emissions economy,” Dylan said.

Vote Climate One has urged voters in Cunningham to vote for Dylan Green, as the Greens policy receives the only ‘green light’ on climate action. “Number the Green Light candidate first when you vote,” the assessment states.

Vote Climate One also gives the Labor candidate an orange scorecard and states, when you vote, “number them after the green light candidate.”

All other candidates in Cunningham receive a red light. The report states, these “red light candidates are a dangerous choice if Australians want real action on the climate emergency.”

International Group Climate Analytics has analysed the emissions reduction policies of the Greens, Labor, Liberal, and the ‘Teal’ independents.

The Australian Youth Climate Coalition (Australia’s largest youth run organisation) has judged the ALP, Liberal, Greens, and United Australia Party policies against climate related criteria. 

The AYCC gave the Greens an A on their scorecard, stating: “The Greens have a comprehensive and ambitious set of climate policies, including big investments in renewable energy, a fair but rapid transition away from fossil fuels, and a Treaty process and Stronger First Nations’ cultural heritage laws.” 

The AYCC gave the ALP plans for climate action a C on their scorecard. The AYCC report states: “Labor’s plan gets us to a net zero 15 years too late, and they don’t have a clear plan to transition our energy away from fossil fuels.

The report states: “The Liberal National Party targets are consistent with 3 ̊C of global warming (bordering on 4 ̊C), the ALP’s target is consistent with 2 ̊C, and the Teal Independents and Greens consistent with 1.5 ̊C of warming. 

“Already, Australians are feeling the heat of a world that has warmed by just over one degree, and it’s not pretty.”

Dylan said a 74 per cent cut to greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 is consistent with a global warming target of 1.5 degrees.

“If we don’t take real action on climate change now then some regions of Australia, such as the Great Barrier Reef, the Ningaloo Reef and other areas, will not survive,” Dylan said.

The Illawarra Climate Coalition (TICC) and the Beyond Coal Coast also put together a party scorecard. The Greens were the only to receive a ‘thumbs up’ review.

Dylan welcomes these assessments. “The unanimous judgement from independent, international organisations speaks to the lack of climate plans from all other candidates in Cunningham.

“These climate groups want to prevent a world of extreme climate change, and we are hearing a remarkably consistent message from all of them: The Greens are the only viable party if you want a liveable planet,” Dylan said.