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Meet the candidates for Shellharbour Jamie Dixon (Greens)

The Greens Jamie Dixon is running again after polling 9.4 per cent of the vote in 2019

Why are you running?

For 11 years the Liberal-National coalition has prioritised budgets over health, education, housing and the climate. And we know that’s not going well.

NSW has a yearly budget of over $120 billion, which is more than enough to provide access to healthcare, education, free transport, public control of affordable housing, and renewable energy for cheaper electricity.

The Greens don’t rely on corporate donations or property investors. We’re powered by people like you and I.

So we can change. I want to see the next NSW parliament focus on delivering services that make our lives better and fairer.

How long have you lived in the electorate?

I moved to the electorate in 2003, and I’m a proud member of a diverse community of hard working, caring people that are just looking for leaders who will work to ease the cost of living and make sure we have great education, healthcare and other stuff we need every day.

What is your final pitch to voters?

The people of NSW deserve better and we’re not going to get that by voting the same as we have for years.

Nothing will change if we don’t change on March 25.

The Greens policies are based on real experience and are focused on creating great communities.

Electorates such as Newtown, Balmain, and Balina – where Greens have been elected and re-elected – are already seeing the benefits of MPs who have the political will to stand up to corporate greed and lobbyists.

I look forward to bringing that same strength to the people of Shellharbour.


Story by Dylan Arvela in the Daily Telegraph, 17 March 2023.