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Greens see red on the rails

Earlier, Greens councilor Jill Merrin found Wollongong Council support when she proposed addressing the overcrowded South Coast rail line. 

The Illawarra Mercury follows up with stories of frustration and a call from the Greens for 10'000 signatures to trigger a debate in NSW Parliment. Join us in boarding the 7:18 am train from Wollongong station this Thursday 15 June to collect signatures.

Read the article published in Illawarra Mercury 13 June 2017

Illawarra commuters are frustrated by overcrowding on the South Coast train line. 

The Illawarra Line (via Sydenham and Hurstville) recorded average loads of 136 percent in morning peak (Sydney Morning Herald, 2016). In the evening, on the way home to the Illawarra, there are only four carriages. Ms Batten said (Illawarra Mercury):

“There are school kids in the aisles along with people with luggage and elderly people who can’t get seats... the 3.45pm and 4.15pm trains from Hurstville to the South Coast were particularly overcrowded – because they were only four carriages... You could start with the easy ones – like putting more carriages on those four-carriage trains.”

Ms Batten approached the Illawarra Greens about starting a campaign and petition to reduce crowding on the trains. If you have an issue that deserves attention, let us know!

The Illawarra Greens aim to collect 10,000 signatures; the magic number to trigger a debate in NSW parliament.

Greens members plan to board the 7.18am train at Wollongong station on Thursday and collect as many signatures as possible before it arrives at Thirroul.

Read the article published in Illawarra Mercury 13 June 2017

Join us in collecting signatures on these sardine trains!