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Greens say more to be done on youth mental health

Over the first two years of the pandemic, one in five young NSW people (aged 18-29) were diagnosed with a new mental health issue, and one in four young Australians (aged 16-24) thought about suicide.

Greens candidate for Cunningham Dylan Green says more needs to be done to address mental health, particularly among young people.

“These statistics bear out the fact that many people have really struggled over the last two years,” said Dylan, “and many have not received sufficient support.

“Under the Greens’ plan, Australians will be able to access no-gap appointments with psychologists and psychiatrists. The ten-visit cap on Medicare-funded appointments will also be lifted so that people can access the appointments they require.

“This will make mental healthcare available to a whole cohort of people who may have never even considered seeking professional help.

“This $4.8 billion investment over the decade will grow the mental health workforce and go towards undoing the long-term underfunding of the sector.

“Not only should we ensure access to mental health services, we should also address the root causes of poor mental health.

“Financial and housing stress are big determinants of mental health, but we have Labor and Liberal parties which completely ignore renters, and force those on income support to live below the poverty line. It’s hardly surprising that so many young people are struggling.

“This election has lurched from one policy announcement to another, with no acknowledgement from the major parties that humans are complete beings, not a checklist of desires.

“The Greens’ platform is built around ensuring that everyone has what they need to live decently. This is what is needed to give people peace of mind.”