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Greens push Labor for details on Port Kembla submarine radioactivity

During Question Time in the senate on Friday, Greens senator David Shoebridge asked Labor senator Don Farrell how the submarines will be safely accommodated in major population centres such as Port Kembla.

Mr Shoebridge cited Griffith University emeritus Professor Ian Lowe's calculation that each US-built Virginia-class submarine carries 200 kilograms of highly enriched uranium.

"What guarantees are you providing on how that material can be safely accommodated in major population centres like Port Kembla?"

Mr Shoebridge called on the government to make clear to the Illawarra how the weapons-grade uranium powering each submarine would be safely stored when in harbour.

"Communities like the Illawarra who are being threatened with a nuclear submarine base deserve the truth about this reckless nuclear submarine deal and the Greens will keep demanding answers in Parliament until we get it," Mr Shoebridge said.


Story by Conor Browne in the Illawarra Mercury, 24 March 2023.