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Greens propose shared path from Montague St to Virginia Ave, North Wollongong

The Greens have called for a shared pathway to be built from Montague St, North Wollongong, linking to Virginia Ave, as a symbolic first step in linking up Wollongong's very patchy bike paths. 


Greens candidate for Wollongong, Cath Blakey, and outgoing Greens councillor George Takacs today said that one of the Greens' priorities on the next council would be to build the long awaited cycling plan for Wollongong.

"We have one of the most beautiful coastal bike paths in the world - but it doesn't link well to the university, hospital or train stations," Ms Blakey said.

"Linking Montague St North Wollongong to Virginia Ave is an obvious choice for a safe, separated cycleway that would help link the North Wollongong Station precinct, the University, and Beaton Park to the coastal bike path.

"North Wollongong station is already connected to the Uni and Beaton Park but the eastern link along Montague St and through the Innovation campus to the coastline cycleway is indirect and unsafe. This new link would avoid the current path on Montague St which with its many driveway crossings and busy light industrial traffic which deters commuter cyclists.

"Cyclists and pedestrians would be able to avoid this unsafe section as well as have direct access to the Stuart Park precinct from North Wollongong station.

"Everybody knows that we need more east west bike lanes for cyclists to cross the train lines and busy roads that divide our city.

"We need a safe bike path linking Port Kembla and Warrawong, and Hooka Point in Berkeley connected to the foreshore," Ms Blakey said. 

Outgoing Greens Councillor George Takacs said: "Council's 2014 bike plan contained lots of important cycling infrastructure - but not enough money to build it. Cycleways should be prioritised as a key element of roads funding and design. 

"Cycling is a sustainable, climate-friendly and healthy mode of transport which is getting more and more popular with the people of NSW. It reduces congestion, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

"Building cycling infrastructure including separated cycleways and connected networks, should be an integrated part of any transport planning. 

"Providing cycling access to the university would alleviate the parking congestion that plagues the uni and surrounding suburbs," Mr Takacs said. 

Tell us what other missing links need to be fixed and we'll take it up in the next term of council: