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Greens propose ‘Rain Gardens’ to help make Wollongong more drought and flood proof

Greens propose ‘Rain Gardens’ to help make Wollongong more drought and flood proof


03 Feb 2020

 Greens Councillor Mithra Cox will tonight introduce a Notice of Motion to Wollongong Council, to allow Rain Gardens to be used in place of regular storm water drains.

“A rain garden is a sunken garden, usually containing plants like reeds and rushes, that can cope with wet soil.  The garden captures initial rain water run off, allowing water to be absorbed by the soil instead of ending up as storm water,” Cr Cox said.

“There is a stormwater drain in the garden, but about half a metre higher than the lowest point of the depression, so that on most occasions, that water soaks into the soil instead of going into the stormwater system and being wasted.

“Only in very heavy rain does the rain garden overflow into the drain. Rain Gardens reduce flooding by keeping the water in the soil and use the retained water to grow attractive plants.

“Having just experienced one of the driest summers on record, people are very conscious that every drop is precious.

“With the recent rain, we hate to see all that beautiful water running straight into a concrete drain and out to sea. Rain Gardens help us capture the water in the soil instead of it being wasted,” Cr Cox said.

Background information:

Melbourne Water information about Rain Gardens:

In 2016, Marrickville Council developed a rain garden design manual for other LGAs to make it easier for other local government areas to adopt this practice. The design manual is available here:

Contact information: Mithra Cox 0419 720 322

Cr. Mithra Cox
Ward 1, Wollongong City Council
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