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Greens call for increase to income support payments

Dylan Green Candidate for Cunningham

The wealth gap in Australia has only widened over the course of the COVID pandemic, with billionaires like Gina Reinhardt more than doubling their wealth, and most Australians struggling with the cost of living. Today, ACOSS is calling for an increase to income support, a demand supported by many groups, including ACTU, Chief Executive Women, the Business Council of Australia and the Institute of Public Affairs.

Unlike Labor and Liberals, Greens candidate for Cunningham Dylan Green calls for an increase to income support payments.

“Things like groceries, transport, and medical bills are all becoming more expensive”, Mr Green said.

“Everyone should have access to the basic things in life. Too many people make the choice between rent and food.

“I want to see all income support lifted above the poverty line, to $88 a day, with no strings attached.

“I was on Youth Allowance last year. If it rained all week, the bus fare to uni would put me into the red. I was lucky to have some savings to fall back on, but not everyone does.

“Labor and Liberals are perfectly happy with putting citizens below the poverty line. I’m not okay with that.

“Income support is about giving people the chance to thrive. Everyone deserves that.”