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Greens call for 100% renewable energy by 2030

The last year has seen wholesale electricity prices rise by 141%. According to AEMO, the major reasons for this have been outages of coal-fired power stations, and historically high gas prices. 

In addition, a recent report found that replacing the nation’s biggest coal-fired power station, Eraring, with renewables would create far more construction jobs than replacing it with gas.

Cunningham candidate Dylan Green wants Australia’s electricity system to come from completely renewable sources by 2030.

“We’re at a stage where renewable electricity will be lighter on your pocket, better for jobs, and safer for the planet. The transition is inevitable”, said Mr Green.

The Greens’ plan, Powering Past Coal and Gas, was released on Thursday. It contains a timeline for the closures of each coal- and gas-fired power station currently operating, and plans to boost renewable energy capacity. 

“Under this plan, Australia’s electricity will be 100 per cent renewable by 2030” said Mr Green.

“Everyone knows it’s coming, industry just needs to know when and where to build renewable capacity. That’s what this timeline does.

“The plan includes $40 billion for boosting publicly owned renewable generation and storage. This investment will pay for itself within a decade.

“This election gives us a real chance to make this happen. A rapid and well-planned transition to renewables will be a key demand if the Greens find themselves in the balance of power.

“This will allow workers to be supported, consumers to have cheaper bills, and it will give us a good shot at tackling climate change.”

All costings were performed by the independent Parliamentary Budget Office.