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Councillor Cath Blakey named Greens candidate for Wollongong

Greens NSW have named Wollongong City Councillor Cath Blakey as the candidate for the NSW seat of Wollongong in the coming NSW election.

The Greens NSW have named Wollongong City Councillor Cath Blakey as the candidate for the state seat of Wollongong in the upcoming NSW election.

“The Illawarra saw a strong swing to the Greens in last year's federal election and we’re confident we’re going to see a similarly strong result in the state election,” Greens Lead Upper House candidate Cate Faehrmann MP said.

“A vote for Cath in Wollongong and for the Greens in the Upper House is a vote for no new coal and gas, to cut rents and make housing more affordable, protect our precious nature and wildlife and clean up corruption in NSW. Wollongong has a powerful opportunity to send a message to the major parties that the time to act on the climate emergency is now.

“Cath Blakey has worked hard on council getting some great outcomes for the community and would make a fantastic representative for the people of the Illawarra ,” Ms Faehrmann said. 

Cr Blakey said: “Wollongong is undergoing a great deal of change, and we need a strong community advocate to get the best for our people and the planet. After 11 years of this tired Liberal/ Nationals government in NSW we know that people want to see change and the influence of the cross-bench is growing. One look at seats like Balmain, Newtown and Ballina shows exactly what real Greens representation in the NSW Parliament means to a local community.

“We need public policy that delivers win-wins whether it’s in housing, environment, health, education and transport. Only the Greens can be trusted to deliver on the key issues that affect their communities and the people of NSW.

“Across Australia people are turning away from the old parties, hamstrung as they are by the vested interests of their corporate donors. On the one hand we’ve had NSW Labor commit to end accepting donations from the gambling industry (though the Member for Shellharbour still lined up to promote betting on animal races), but then they still take money from the dirty industries,” Cath said.


Cath Blakey is a Wollongong City Councillor, born and raised in Wollongong. She is the mother of a 4-year-old, and lives in Wollongong.