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Coastal share path should be widened: Greens

Greens Councillor Mithra Cox has called for the popular coastal shared path to be widened, saying that it has become so popular that it has become dangerously overcrowded.

“The coastal share path is one of Wollongong’s finest assets. We have all been appreciating it, especially during this lockdown,” Cr Cox said. 

“Last weekend it was so crowded, it was chaos. It’s time to add an additional lane for pedestrians only, so that they can enjoy walking without fear of being run over.

“An area of the path at Bulli is about to be reconstructed - but despite my best efforts to get this section widened, it will only be constructed to the existing 2 lane format.

“What we build now needs to be fit for purpose for the next 30 years. And the path isn’t going to become less popular.

“For older people, kids and anyone with mobility issues, it feels unsafe to have bikes racing past you on all sides. 

“At the point when the path is being reconstructed, we should be building it like we have next to Stuart Park, where there is a 2 way cycleway plus an additional lane for pedestrians only. 

“Some areas of the path have even developed ruts in the grass next to the path because there are so many people using it,” Cr Cox said. 

Cr. Mithra Cox

Ward 1, Wollongong City Council
0419 720 322