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Charging for Dapto Pool is unfair

Greens candidate for Wollongong City Council Jess Whittaker has committed to make entry to Dapto Pool free if elected. 

“This is an issue of inequity in our city. We have a fast growing suburb without easy access to a beach and the Dapto Pool is one of only three pools with an entry fee,” said Ms Whittaker.

“I’ve always thought it was unfair.  Free entry means access for everyone. If most of the pools in Wollongong are free, Dapto should be too. 

“The argument that Council needs to charge to pay power costs is weak. Council spends hundreds of thousands of dollars maintaining the intake pipes at Port Kembla, but no fee has been imposed at that pool. 

“If power costs are an issue instead of heating the pool by using dirty fossil fuels, we need to invest in solar or other renewables to bring this cost down. If elected to council, I will pitch this in the first budget.

“In the long term I will absolutely support a regional aquatic centre to be built in Dapto. But let's start with free entry to the existing pool, because that's something that should happen right now.” 


Greens candidate for Ward 3, Wollongong City Council

Jess Whittaker 0433 324 953