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Greens jubilant after best ever result in Ward 3

Greens jubilant after best ever result in Ward 3


25 Nov 2018


The Greens are celebrating after their candidate Jamie Dixon posted the Greens best ever result in the Wollongong Council Ward 3 by-election.


The Greens vote reached up to 20% at some booths, the sort of results that we normally see in Greens heartland.


Some of the best results for the Greens were:

• Port Kembla Public -- 20%

• Warrawong Community Hall -- 17.5%

• Primbee -- 17%

• Cringila -- 17%

• Berkeley West Public -- 16%

• Figtree High -- 23%

• Koonawarra Hall -- 17%


This is only the second time the Greens have contested Ward 3, and this result builds on the good result in 2017. Across the Ward, there was a swing of 5 percentage points towards the Greens.  In 2017, the Greens polled 9% and yesterday it was 14%. This is an impressive increase of nearly 70% on the 2017 results.


Greens candidate Jamie Dixon said:


“That so many of these areas, which have a high level of disadvantage, voted so strongly Green shows that our platform of social justice, public services and a fair go for everyone has resonated in areas that have never voted Green before.


“People want to live in a city with decent transport, where we look after each other, where there is vibrant culture, and where we look after our lake, escarpment and beaches. 


“We spoke to more people, and campaigned harder than ever before, and our efforts paid off.”


More information: Jamie Dixon 0403 402 114