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Greens call for investment in hydrogen fuel industry in Wollongong

The Greens have today called for investment to make Port Kembla a hydrogen fuel hub

With recent news from Germany that Thyssenkrup have successfully begun powering their steelworks from hydrogen, the Illawarra Greens have called for investment in hydrogen technology in Port Kembla.
"Hydrogen fuel can create new jobs in Wollongong, and ensure that our steelworks can continue to operate in a low emissions future," Greens Councillor Mithra Cox said today.
"Hydrogen energy would provide energy security to the Port Kembla steelworks and give them a competitive advantage.
"Instead of importing LNG, as is planned, we could be exporting hydrogen to the world, boosting the economy of our region and the country.
"Another report published in September this year examined the possibility of Australia aiming for 200% renewable energy. We could produce more clean energy than we need and then export it using hydrogen. Hydrogen can be easily exported.
"Hydrogen fuel is already being used to power cars, including in the ACT Government fleet, and can be used to power trains, trucks and buses. Developing a hydrogen based transport industry would protect us from increases in oil prices.
"The only emission from hydrogen fuel is water.
"Australia's Chief Scientist Alan Finkel has backed the development of hydrogen fuel as a pathway to a zero emissions future.
"With such an abundance of sunshine and land mass, Australia could and should be leading the world in exporting clean energy -- but for that to happen we need investment in research and development.  Bodies like The Australian Renewable Energy Agency exist specifically for this purpose," Cr Cox said.
More information: Mithra Cox 0419 720 322