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Breaking the Cycle on new prison building

Media Release: 13 July 2018
On Monday 16 July 2018 the Greens will host a film screening in Dapto that follows prison wardens and inmates behind the scenes in one of America's most notorious jails, Attica, and one of Norway's jails, Halden prison. The screening is particularly topical in the region given current NSW Government proposals for a new prison in Dapto.
Greens MP and Justice Spokesperson David Shoebridge said "The film explores two very different justice systems - that of the US which is based on retribution and Norway's which is focused on rehabilitation. Is it any wonder that America has a reoffending rate of 77% while in Norway it's just 20%?
"Alarmingly, the NSW government is following America's angry and privatised prison model, and even though violent crime is at an all-time low we've seen a 40% jump in the prison population here. I've seen the devastating impact this is having on First Nations people, women and on disadvantaged communities and why we must take a fresh direction."
Wollongong City Council Greens Councillor Cath Blakey said:
"The Illawarra doesn't need more jail cells, it needs Justice Reinvestment to prevent crime and create safer, stronger communities. Bourke is the first town in NSW to trial the Justice reinvestment approach, and it's working there. They analysed criminal justice system data, interviewed stakeholders, and are implementing data-driven programs that are reducing corrections spending and increasing public safety.
"Many Wollongong residents have loudly voiced opposition to the Berejiklian Liberal governments plans to push a new jail on Dapto just so Long Bay jail can be sold off for real estate. It's horrendous that this state government has closed the Dapto TAFE, cut funding from women's shelters and cut rehabilitation and education programs within prisons, but have budgeted $3.8 billion to spend on new prisons."
Prison - Breaking the Cycle screening
Where: Dapto Ribbonwood Centre
When: 7pm on Monday 16th July. Doors open at 6.30pm with soup and drinks available.
Tickets can be purchased online through Eventbrite, or at the door.
Facebook event:
David Shoebridge - 0408 113 952 Greens MP and Justice Spokesperson
Cath Blakey - 0458 490 122 Wollongong City Council Greens Councillor