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Wollongong Coal's 'secret' Consultation

The Greens have vowed to fight the proposed Russell Vale Mine expansion, after Wollongong Coal held a little-advertised consultation in Corrimal last night, Illawarra Greens spokesperson and Mayoral candidate Mithra Cox said today. 

"Wollongong Coal has given very little to our community. They have unpaid rates going back to the 1990s and have made no commitment to pay what they owe," Ms Cox said. 

"Wollongong Coal is a foreign owned company that has shown blatant disregard for our local community. 

"Their latest mine proposal includes 32 coal trucks per hour on local streets - going down Bellambi Lane and Memorial Drive past people's homes from 7 in the morning to 10 at night.

"The mining company has done nothing to prevent another disaster where the coal wash turns Bellambi creek black whenever there is heavy rain. 

"The company has already had its plans knocked back their plans to expand the Mine knocked back by the Planning and Assessment Commission because they were mining under the Sydney water catchment. 

"This latest proposal, while a slightly modified proposal, still mines within 20m of the Cataract Dam - which is part of the water catchment for 5 million people. 

"All of the coal will be exported, and the company doesn't even seem to know whether it will be used as coking coal or thermal coal. 

"The age of coal is over. Wollongong Coal needs to pay its debts to our community and move on," Ms Cox said today. 

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