The Greens Teams - Illawarra Greens

The Greens Teams

Meet the full team of Greens candidates in the Wollongong Council Election.

Ward 1 :


Mithra Cox; Sarah Nicholson; Stephen Young; Andrew Nicholson

Mithra Cox is the Greens lead candidate in Ward 1, and is also the Greens mayoral candidate. She is a musician and environmental educator with a passion for our environment and community. She has 15 years experience managing innovative sustainability projects and working in public administration, including in local government and the NSW Parliament, Mithra also plays the banjo with The Lurkers, which has taken her from busking on the streets, to playing at national and international music festivals. She grew up on the south coast, attending Bomaderry High School and Wollongong University. She now lives with her family in Corrimal and is a mum of two young kids.

Sarah Nicholson is a teaching academic, who serves on the committee of management for the South Coast Writers Centre. She is passionate about preserving the Illawarra's natural beauty, nurturing our arts and culture, and creating healthy local resource-sharing networks.

Stephen Young retired to Thirroul in 2015 from a career in IT and community mediation. He loves the bush, the beach, and the escarpment, and would like Wollongong Council to make action on climate change a much higher priority.

Andy Nicholson is an electrical engineer, who lives in beautiful Bulli with his partner and 5 year old daughter. He would like Council to better facilitate our children's ability to explore their local environment around schools, parks, and trails in the bush.

Ward 2:


Cath Blakey; Theresa Huxtable; Martin Cubby; Leon Fuller

Cath Blakey, the Greens lead candidate in Ward 2, is a well-known Wollongong local with experience in getting things done at a community level. She has chosen to stand with The Greens to bring scrutiny and integrity to the affairs of Council, in the public interest and against corruption. The daughter of a steelworker and a TAFE teacher, Cath had all her education in Wollongong. Cath qualified in Environmental Science and has gone on to work in nature conservation, local government, and co-operative business. She now works for a food co-operative that trades organic, locally grown and bulk wholefoods.

Theresa Huxtable and her family have lived in Wollongong since 1995. She has organised numerous community events and groups including Illawarra Film Society and Wollongong Climate Action Network. She works at UOW. She thinks we should look after our community and our beautiful environment.

Martin Cubby moved back to Wollongong with his young family in 2014. He works as a union organiser with the UOW staff union. He wants our children to inherit a better, cleaner, and fairer world. He is also a passionate soccer fan.

Leon Fuller has lived in the Illawarra for much of his life. He wrote the definitive book on Wollongong's native trees. Leon would like the Council to reduce carbon emissions, improve amenity for residents, and better protect natural areas in and around the city.

Ward 3:


Jamie Dixon; Anne Marett; Joshua Bell; Julie Marlow

Jamie Dixon, the Greens lead candidate in Ward 3, has been a self-employed shearing contractor for 15 years and has sheared alpacas in 8 countries. He is planning a career change from this physically demanding career, so he is also studing for a degree in Psychology. Jamie started his working life in the Southern Highlands and now lives in Koonawarra. Jamie is committed to sustainability across the fields of energy production, environment, and employment. Wollongong has the resources and expertise for scientific innovation. Our community could be a world leader in renewable energy solutions, while sustaining our fantastic local environment.

Anne Marett moved to Wollongong is 2014 and loves it. She worked as a TAFE teacher and educational planner and believes Council really can be proactive in attracting new industries and good jobs to the area.

Joshua Bell has lived in Dapto his whole life. He studies physical education at UOW and is passionate about ensuring that all kids have equal access to a quality education. He believes that Council should support affordable housing for all.

Julie Marlow is a retired nurse, who moved to Berkeley in 2002 and quickly fell in love with Lake Illawarra and its birds. She believes Council can do more towards meeting our city's need for clean secure jobs, affordable housing, and a resilient natural environment.