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Tallawarra Gas Fired Power station must not be a Trojan horse for fossil fuels

Date: 4 May 2021

Greens Councillor Mithra Cox has called for more detail on the Tallawarra B power station, saying there must be a clear plan for the power station to be 100% powered by green hydrogen within the next decade.

“Unless there is a clear plan to power the newly announced Tallawarra B power station from 100% green hydrogen, it is nothing more than greenwash,” Cr Cox said.

“Gas is a fossil fuel, and we should not be pouring millions of dollars of public money into fossil fuels.

“Scientists are ringing the alarm bells that we need to be powered from 100% renewable energy by 2030. This does not tally with building new fossil fuel power stations.

“The plan announced today says that the gas emissions will be offset. Offsets have absolutely no credibility - they have been proven again and again to be a carbon budget accounting trick. We have to urgently stop burning fossil fuels, not claim its clean when its not.

“Instead, we need confidence that this power station is being built to be powered entirely from green hydrogen. 

“We need to know timeframes and supply chains. We need to know where the renewable energy will be built to manufacture green hydrogen in the Illawarra, both for power and as a replacement for coal in our local steel industry.

“We cannot allow the Tallawarra B power station to be a Trojan horse for decades more fossil fuel pollution.

More information:  Mithra Cox Cox 0419 720 322