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Rowan Huxtable


"I have lived in Wollongong since 1995, when I took up a job as an electrical engineer at Port Kembla Steelworks and moved here with my wife and two sons. I now live in Mangerton and work for a small company developing steelworks automation products for the worldwide market.

"I am a founding member of Wollongong Climate Action Network and the Wollongong branch of the Alternative Technology Association. Climate change is a major threat for us.

"We are already seeing the damage from climate change. The drought is causing our farmers great hardship, and is threatening our food and water security. I grew up in Orange – the drought in the country where I grew up really hurts me.

"We need to take strong action to prevent great human suffering in the future. One of the things we can fix is the way we produce energy.

"The technology is there now, but the government must take charge and must transition energy production to renewables. Focusing on “lower energy prices” now is short sighted and will cost us a great deal in the future. I am especially passionate about working towards a fact-based energy policy that will protect the environment and also help people and businesses.

"There are other costs that really hurt people in our community, especially the costs of renting or buying a home and the costs of medical and dental care. Let’s make sure everyone has enough money to live on. Through my work with my Rotary Club, I have seen how many people struggle because of illness, and because of the growing economic inequality in our community.

“Our democracy is protected by a strong and varied media. It is important to fund the ABC properly, and to prevent domination of the private media by a small number of big businesses. We need to keep politics clear. Our state Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) does a good job reducing corruption in NSW -- we need a Federal ICAC too, to keep an eye on corruption across Australia.

"I joined the Greens because the Greens policy makes the link between care for the planet with care for people. We should start creating a better future for all of us."

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