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Roads, Airbnbs, police, development: Culburra Beach candidate forum raises key local issues ahead of NSW election

What specific funding (in addition to the promised federal government funding) would you secure to fix the roads?

Amanda Findley (Greens): Ms Findley took aim at the Labor proposal, claiming the figure would "probably only equate to about $4 million each year for places like the Shoalhaven".
She did not offer a specific figure to counter, instead, Ms Findley picked out trouble spots around the region. "Terara Rd needs to be fixed, Culburra Rd needs to be fixed - not only that, we need to invest in the East Nowra sub-arterial... we need investment in the Kalandar St intersection... and the Hillcrest Ave to Yalwal sub-arterial. "We will be in gridlock for the next 15 years if those roads are not addressed."


What's your position on making sure the police station is manned?

Amanda Findley (Greens):
Ms Findley steered her answer toward the Greens' policies of decriminalising cannabis, and establishing mental health teams to address mental health call-outs. She said measures like these could free up police to be at stations like Culburra. "We can re-address the issues where police have to turn up and deal with issues that aren't really police issues... then what we do is get more police back in the stations to look after you."


How will you limit short term rentals or provide more long term accommodation?

Amanda Findley (Greens): Ms Findley maintained the power to solve short term rentals lie with city councils. She proposed a regulation on housing developments such as the West Culburra subdivision, to mandate homes be reserved for permanent residents; she also said planning powers need to go back to city councils. "What we need to do is put a regulation in there [the West Culburra development], that not one of those houses can be short term rental accommodation," she said.


How important do you believe it is to balance the crucial need for housing with environmental and cultural heritage concerns? What would you propose doing?

Amanda Findley (Greens): Ms Findley continued her point of putting planning powers back in the hands of city councils. "Having planning come back to councils is a policy of the Greens at a state level," she said.


Story by Jorja McDonnell in the South Coast Register, 9 March 2023.