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Nowra drug law reform forum told of plan

"Cannabis is less harmful than alcohol, and isn't the gateway drug that conservative people try to make out it is."

"A local resident ... had to stop using medicinal cannabinoids because they register on the random drug tests. He was having no side effects and he was feeling pretty good using the cannabinoids, and they were at a low level and didn't cause him impairment, but then he had to got onto pharmaceuticals and if he misses his pharmaceutical dose he gets lots of side effects."

"The focus for law enforcement needs to be on impairment, not just drugs being in a person's system. If you're impaired full stop, whether it's on legal drugs or illegal drugs or alcohol, you shouldn't be on the road or doing stuff."

"It particularly impacts on people who are taking it for pain management in measured doses that are shown to not have impairment problems."

Amanda Findley, Shoalhaven Mayor and Greens candidate for the South Coast.

Story by Glenn Ellard at the South Coast Register, 6 March 2023.