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Meet the candidates for Wollongong NSW Election 2023: Meet the candidates for Wollongong Catherine Blakey (Greens)

Why are you running?

"We need a state government focused on public services, not special treatment of vested interests.

"I have been disappointed that our local state representation has supported the expansion of mining in our drinking water catchment, draconian laws against climate action protesters and subsidies to new gas fired power stations.

"I want to see investment in public services to address the cost of living crisis, widening housing inequality and environmental regeneration.

"Wollongong has great potential to scale-up renewable energy to power our manufacturing sector.

"I want to see nurse to patient ratios mandated in NSW, as it is shown to cut waiting times, improve patient care and stop staff burnout.


Story by Dylan Arvela in the Daily Telegraph, 17 March 2023.