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Meet the candidates for Keira Kit Docker (Greens)

Why are you running?

I’m running because I believe the nature of Australian politics is changing and changing for the better. Too often the major parties have ignored everyday Australians in favour of corporate interests.

If given the honour of serving in our state’s parliament, I will fight everyday for policies that put people before profit. For policies that secure a fairer deal on housing, a stronger health system and world class public education.

How long have you lived in the electorate/area?

I’ve lived in the Illawarra for most of my life and in the electorate of Keira for the past decade. I attended the University of Wollongong where I studied economics and went on to work locally for IMB Bank as a branch manager.

More recently I have been working across the Illawarra as a support worker to help those living with a disability to reach their full potential in life. It’s my hope that I will be able to secure a place of my own in Keira because I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

What is your final pitch to voters?

The Illawarra is a region of enormous potential. We have the community, workers and industry that could see us lead not only the nation but the world on so many fronts. But under the leadership of the major parties, the Illawarra has been largely ignored and held back from reaching our potential.

This election we all have a real opportunity to send a clear message that we are not to be taken for granted. Vote for change, because if nothing changes, then nothing changes.

Your vote is powerful, make it count.


Story by Dylan Arvela in the Daily Telegraph, 17 March 2023.