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Labor Heathcote candidate Maryanne Stuart speaks out against coal mining in the water catchment

"The Greens' policy is to shut down the Metropolitan Colliery by revoking its pollution licence. If elected I will work to phase out these mines as soon as possible to ensure the future health and security of the Illawarra/Greater Sydney water catchment."

"It is Greens policy to shutdown the Peabody Metropolitan Colliery. Given the size and location of this mine it is impossible for it to comply with any Environmental Protection Licence."

"We will support the affected workforce with ready access to training and financial security."

Cooper Riach, Greens candidate for Heathcote in the 2023 NSW state election.


These are suburbs where the environmental and Greens vote has traditionally been higher than average – Story by Ben Langford in the Illawarra Mercury, 9 March 2023.