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Kaye Osborn


"I enjoy working at a community level, and you may know me as a campaigner for more responsible mining and for an effective response to global warming.

"Our state government must do more to combat climate change and protect endangered species. It is especially important to phase out destructive industries that damage land and water catchments. We also need to facilitate more sustainable jobs for people who have been working in these industries.

"I have lived in Wollongong for 17 years and work at the University of Wollongong. I hold a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Women’s Studies and a Master of Arts in Asian Studies. I lived in Asia for 4 years and have spent many more years working in South East Asia in the international education field. Throughout my life I’ve strived to build bridges between different cultures and I value diversity in our community. We all need to feel safe and included, irrespective of our ethnicity, sexual preference, age or socioeconomic status.

"Better public transport -- both intercity and within Wollongong -- would improve our everyday lives. Trains to Sydney today take as long as they did in the 1930’s. Faster trains and more services to Sydney would be better for the environment, and would also open up more job opportunities for people in Wollongong. I would introduce policies to improve our public transport. The Greens policies would deliver a fairer and more sustainable future- a future for all of us. We need a government that is honest and transparent, a government that has as its first priority ordinary people and the planet we live on."

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