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Jamie Dixon


"For 15 years I have worked as an alpaca shearer, with contracts across 4 states of Australia, and in 8 other countries. This has provided me with fantastic opportunities to experience both the diversity, and the commonalities, of many people and cultures, from all walks of life. I started my working life in Sydney, but have called the Illawarra home for over a decade.

"I am now studying psychology online through Charles Sturt University in preparation for a career change, hopefully in personal counselling. I have a special interest in providing frontline mental healthcare, as it is underfunded and hard to access in our community. Robust mental health care programs improve lives and reduce crime. We need to treat drug and alcohol abuse as a medical issue, and not as a matter for the police and the courts. The gambling industry promotes addiction, unravels our community, and must be reformed.

"Every one of us deserves a place to call home. I would introduce policies that provide housing and rental security, and affordability. We also need to rebuild the funding models for education and healthcare services, which should be freely available to everyone in Australia -- migrant, resident, or citizen. Let's spend taxpayer money on health and education, not on building an unwarranted arms export industry.

"Greens policy is to improve social justice and the environment hand in hand, to create a fair and sustainable world. I’m proud to be involved in a party that engages our whole community, a party with policies that stretch further than just the next political term. I look forward to promoting these through the coming campaign."

Jamie was a Greens candidate in Ward 3 in the Wollongong Council Elections of 2017 and in the Ward 3 by-election on 24 November 2018. He was the Greens candidate for Shellharbour in the 2019 elections.

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