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Illawarra women still being told abortion is illegal by some doctors: health advocate

On Monday, the NSW Greens said they would push for abortion to be provided at every public hospital in NSW, and introduce a statewide directory service of contraception and abortion providers if they party hold the balance of power after the March 25 election.

Launching the policy, Federal Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi said it was "still unacceptably difficult and expensive for people to access abortions" "Access to abortion is a geographic, class and racial lottery," she said. "A vast majority of people in NSW support abortion being provided in all public hospitals, just like they supported the decriminalisation of abortion. "Governments must listen to the community and treat abortion services like other healthcare - provided through our public hospitals, fee-free and covered by Medicare."

Story by Kate McIlwain at the Illawarra Mercury, 14 March 2023.