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Greens say winning Illawarra seats off Labor just a matter of time

"When you have the Liberals putting up stale man after stale man as their candidates and you have no vision coming from either Liberal or Labor ... people have had enough. We saw that during the federal election. We had a record vote for the Greens and we're expecting that same rejection of the two-party system in this state election."

"In Queensland we had people telling us we couldn't win lower house seats in the federal election. We knew we could because we knew our policies were resonating with our communities and we had good local candidates out there talking with voters, explaining not just our policies but what they are about as individuals with integrity. So we absolutely believe, if not this time, then we will win these seats eventually."

Abigail Boyd, NSW Greens MLC.


"In areas like Balmain and Newtown and Ballina, where we've had Greens MPs elected and re-elected, there's been fantastic social infrastructure put in for the community. At the moment in Shellharbour it's easier to find a pokie than it is a hospital bed, an affordable house or a seat on a train."

Jamie Dixon, Greens candidate for Shellharbour.


"I wanted to run because I wanted to have a platform where I could push the major parties for real change. I'm a renter, I understand the struggles of renting and the pressure that creates on people and households - and I didn't believe enough was being done."

Kit Docker, Greens candidate for Keira.


Story by Glen Humphries in the Illawarra Mercury, 23 January 2023.