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Nurse to Patient ratios essential for better patient care

Greens councillor and candidate for Wollongong Cath Blakey has reiterated that Nurse to Patient ratios is a key demand of her party in any minority government after March 25. This comes as the Nurses and Midwives Association lodge evidence in the supreme court showing that the NSW government’s current staffing model is resulting in understaffing and poor patient care.

Councillor Blakey outdoors

“This court action by the Nurses and Midwives Association shows that the Nursing Hours Per Patient Day staffing model is broken,” said Cath Blakey.

“We’re calling on the people of NSW to vote Greens on 25th March to fix the hospital system and ensure there are enforceable nurse to patient ratios. In the case of a minority government the Greens have committed that mandated nurse to patient ratios is a key demand.

“Being short staffed means nurses can’t treat patients with dignity. If someone soils themselves, needs a shower, a blood pressure check or wound care –these are things that get delayed when the ward is short staffed.

“The NMA has highlighted that delays in nursing care can lead to hospital acquired infections like pneumonia, pressure area sores, blood clots and increased fall risks.”



In the prosecution case, Wollongong Hospital was specifically named as contributing to the 120,000 hours of nursing care that was missed out on across NSW due to systemic understaffing.

From 1 July 2022 to 30 October 2022 there were 106 staffing breaches of the Public Health System Nurses’ and Midwives’ (State) Award at Wollongong Hospital.

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Cath Blakey will be present at the NSWNMA rally outside Wollongong Hospital tomorrow at 12:30pm.


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