Wollongong City Council Election 2021 - Illawarra Greens

Wollongong City Council Election 2021

Greens background and logo, with head and shoulders photos of four candidates

The Greens vote goes up at every election -- let's raise it again on 12 September 2020. 

In 2017, Wollongong elected  two Greens councillors in the new council: Mithra Cox in Ward 1 (the northern area) and Cath Blakey in Ward 2 (the central area).  We had two Greens councillors on the previous council too. Over the years, your Greens councillors have already made a difference to Wollongong, with local solutions to make our wonderful city an even better place to live.

Some of our changes are about asking council to lead by example -- Wollongong council is now committed to using energy with care, and to  improving recycling. The Green New Deal is all about new jobs in new industries that protect the environment and care for people.

Our campaign

Wollongong elects a lord mayor and 12 councillors. There are 3 wards, each with 4 elected councillors, and we now have Greens councillors in two of them: Wards 1 and 2. To check which ward you live in, have a look at the Ward Map.

The Greens will run full teams in all three wards -- a balance of young and old, male and female, from a variety of backgrounds. You can offer to help by filling in this form, or donating money here.

Meet all our candidates in this video, and hear our vision for Wollongong.
Or read about the candidates here.
Have a look at our suggestion about how to number your preferences.

We'd like to highlight our priority candidates in all three wards.


Head and shoulders shots of four women, arranged in a strip

"We will work for local solutions to make our wonderful city an even better place to live."
(Left to right: Mithra, Bronwyn, Cath, Jess)


Ward 1: Mithra Cox, Councillor in Ward 1 since 2017. Mithra is also the Greens mayoral candidate.  Mithra is a musician and environmental educator who has nearly 20 years experience working in public administration, including local government and the NSW Parliament. More about Mithra.

We have a chance of getting two councillors elected in Ward 1. Second on the list is Bronwyn Batten. More about Bronwyn.

Ward 2: Cath Blakey, Councillor in Ward 2 since 2017. Cath has worked in nature conservation, local government, and co-operative business. More about Cath.

Ward 3: Jess Whittaker is a paramedic, and a well-known advocate for environmental issues in Ward 3.  We could get a Greens councillor in Ward 3. More about Jess.

Mayoral candidate: Mithra Cox.

Read more about The Greens Teams in the Wollongong Council Election, 2021. Contact us for information via email wollongong@nsw.greens.org.au.

For information on this election, and to check that you are registered, go to the Electoral Commission's website.