Wollongong City Council Election 2017 - Illawarra Greens

Wollongong City Council Election 2017

Wollongong City Council elections took  place on 9 September 2017. The previous council had served Wollongong since 2011.

We are delighted to have two Greens councillors in the new council: Mithra Cox in Ward 1 (the northern area) and Cath Blakey in Ward 2 (the central area). The Greens got 22.5% of the formal first preferences vote in Ward 1 and just under 20% in Ward 2 first preferences vote -- considerably up on the Greens vote in 2011, which was around 13%. In Ward 3, where the Greens had not previously stood for council, we got nearly 10% of the vote.

Mithra also took over 10% of the first preference votes for Lord Mayor.

You can see the full results here.

We look forward to seeing great work for the people of Wollongong from these councillors, building on the work done by Jill Merrin and George Takacs in the outgoing council.

Many thanks to all our amazing candidates for being willing to put themselves forward.

Our campaign

Wollongong elected a lord mayor and 12 councillors. There are 3 wards, each with 4 elected councillors, and we now have Greens councillors in two of them: Wards 1 and 2. To check which ward you live in, have a look at the Ward Map.

The Greens ran full teams in all three wards -- a balance of young and old, male and female. We have a plan for Wollongong.

Meet all our candidates in this video, and hear our vision for Wollongong.
Or read about the candidates here.
Have a look at our suggestion about how to number your preferences.

We'd like to introduce you to our lead candidates in all three wards.

 Pictures of the  3 candidates

"Our vision for Wollongong is a city where everyone feels welcome, whose people are recognised as global leaders in sustainability, with a lifestyle that is the envy of the world."


Ward 1: Mithra Cox. Mithra is a musician and environmentalist who has 15 years experience working in public administration, including local government and the NSW Parliament. More about Mithra.

Ward 2: Cath Blakey. Cath is a seasoned campaigner, having stood for The Greens in two contests last year. In the Wollongong by-election, she lifted the Greens vote considerably in the southern suburbs of Wollongong around Port Kembla. More about Cath.

Ward 3: Jamie is an international alpaca shearer and is currently working overseas. He will return to Wollongong to join the Greens campaign in late July. More about Jamie

Mayoral candidate: Mithra Cox.

Read more about The Greens Teams in the Wollongong Council Election, 2017.

For information on this election, and to check that you are registered, go to the Electoral Commission's website.