Cath Blakey -- priority candidate in Ward 2 - Illawarra Greens

Cath Blakey --priority candidate in Ward 2

 Head and shoulders shot of the candidate, with blurred background of vegetatio

I have been a councillor for Ward 2 since 2017 and am the Greens priority candidate in Ward 2 in 2020. I had all my education in Wollongong. I have a degree in Environmental Science and have worked in nature conservation, local government, and co-operative business. I live in Coniston with my family and am the mother of a toddler.

I initiated the trialling of a FOGO scheme, collecting food waste from homes to be used as compost – soon we should see that rolled out across Wollongong. Another thing to work for is a major recycling facility in Wollongong – good for the environment and the economy.

It was wonderful to see the support on council for declaring a climate emergency, and for setting emissions targets. We have passed a great plan for Lake Illawarra – the next thing to do is get the funding to implement the plan.

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