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20% affordable housing to benefit young people: Greens back Housing Trust calls for equity

The Greens are backing calls from the Wollongong Housing Trust for developers to include 20% affordable housing in the WIN Grand Urban Development. 

Greens candidate for the Wollongong City Council election Jess Whittaker said of the new development proposal “We support development in our city if it seeks to be equitable and will benefit the whole community. While council is working on an agreement to include the 20% affordable housing mandate when up-zoning, developers could show some good will by volunteering to include this in the WIN Grand development.”

“Young people are being left behind. We need to prioritize giving them opportunities in the housing market over wealthy investors. Wollongong’s housing market is woefully unaffordable for first home buyers, essential workers and disadvantaged people. This needs to change”

“Unless we want our city to be deserted of young people, we must mandate this 20% target as soon as possible. The WIN developers should support this goal before it becomes a requirement and include the 20% target from the planning stage.” 

“Bringing young people in as owner-occupiers of these units will make our city more vibrant and create the culture we are so desperate to achieve in the CBD. Young people with even small amounts of disposable income stimulate the economy. They like to go out and have fun and make our city feel alive, all the things that WIN wants to achieve in the retail and restaurant precinct of this development.” 

Ms Whittaker also said “I also hope this investment in our city prompts Wollongong Council to progress plans for McCabe Park to be the Central Park of Wollongong. It is a beautiful space that is sadly constrained by buildings around the perimeter. It’s the perfect location for a high quality skatepark facility and already has an outdoor amphitheater that is underutilized. Outdoor activities are the new way of life, let’s make this dream a reality.” 

Further information: Jess Whittaker 0433324953